Revamped and Refocused

I am a slightly different woman than the woman I was when I started this blog. 

I am a more experienced entrepreneur, a mother (something I was afraid I would never be), and more comfortable in my own skin as a woman than ever before.

As you change and evolve – so does your work.

I found that the entertainment posts just weren’t coming…they weren’t doing anything for me.  What I had in me was information and stories that I had to share. 

Ideas were plentiful with my new found passion as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur.

This new awakening in me has given me clarity and a focus for The Musings of Nikki Jo.   

In the past you have read here about fashion, entertainment, self-improvement, and my personal stories.  The new blog is focused on who I am now – A Mompreneur.  This doesn’t mean that you have to be a mother or entrepreneur to relate. This blog will be about our journeys as women and mothers. 

Here is how it will break down:

The MomHere you’ll find mommy tales and useful info and conversations for mom’s.  Also great recipes and household management ideas!

The Woman It’s all about the women that we may forget we are when we become a mom.  It’s about taking care of your health and getting your sexy back (or keeping it if you always knew where it was).  It’s about fashion, health, and more.

The Entrepreneur Is about making it work – including time management, connecting with others, growing your business, and other resources.

The WriterThis section is all about my writing effortsas a novelist, groups, and writing exercises.

The PropsYou’ll find MAD PROPS to great blogs, inspiring moms, great books and more!

The Good StuffGreat products for the entire family and info on those important RECALLS!

The blog also has a new lighter look. So, the launch will be happening in the next few weeks. 

I am working on great content for you guys!

So visit with me, join the conversation and share any posts that you feel would tickle or help someone else


Celebrating Mother’s Day in God’s Time

I am looking forward to this Mother’s Day! It will be my first as a Mom with an actual child! LOL! I have celebrated before, for my little ones that could have been.  I celebrated as a dog mom….

This year I celebrate as a mom to a beautiful baby boy. 


I spent the better part of my 16 year marriage going between bouts of depression over my inability to carry a pregnancy to term to trying to convince myself that they would only cramp my style. Me and John Truck I would spend weeks avoiding children like the plague. The time spent around others kids was just too painful.  My husband and I could pick up at 3 am and decide to embark on a road trip.  I could sleep late every day if I so chose.  So I started to question whether I just wanted to have kids because it was what women were supposed to want.  Well, the questioning assuaged my sadness and longing….

This time last year I had no idea how my life would change.  It was June of last year after having gone through weeks of illness.  I had diagnosed myself with everything from Celiac’s disease (which actually affects mostly Caucasians…lol) to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  My mother suggested that I take a home pregnancy test, this made me chuckle a little.  I knew that I didn’t want to take one – they only disappoint me.  Well, hubby picked up one of those tests and I kept forgetting to take it. 

One morning I thought, “Why not?” and did the pointless little test.  I had that stick in my hand and was going to sit it down to wait for the five minutes or whatever to be over.  I noticed that something was odd…it immediately said that I was pregnant.  I put it down, took a pic, and sent it to hubby.  This can’t be right.  I visited the doctor that day and the next day the blood work was back. After 15 years of trying….I was pregnant. 

But blood work had come back positive before.  It was the first ultrasound that floored me. 

There was an actual BABY there. With little ARMS and LEGS waving about.  UltrasoundWhen the doctor asked if I wanted to hear a heartbeat I shouted, “There’s a heartbeat?” I wasn’t quite getting it. I left that appointment in a daze…don’t know how I got home that day.  I sent one text and the world changed.  My parents, my sister, my husband, my in-laws….everyone cried when we told them the news. NOT ME….

I knew how to be the infertile, barren woman.  I knew how to long for a little one. I’m not sure I knew how to be a mother.  It was a long 10 months, but we welcomed Tristan Jon August Sonnier into the world in January of this year. 

My Aunt prayed with us in the hospital room, my mother-in-law recited the Holy Rosary with me. When he came into the world he was welcomed first by my hubby, his mom, and my mom. Oh…and me – I was in shock when they placed this little body on my chest.  I still wasn’t there…Tristan2

Now it’s been three months, almost four and I don’t remember not loving this little boy.  I never thought I would ever love anyone this much. It’s scary and wonderful all at the same time.  He has brought so much joy to everyone.  I thank GOD for him and my little family every day.

First Easter

So, this Mother’s Day I celebrate as a MOM.

God works in HIS time…not ours.  God is GOOD…all the time.  

Smoke Signals in Vatican City


Black smoke billowed out of the Sistine Chapel today signaling that the Conclave will continue. I am anxiously awaiting those white puffs. I converted to Catholicism a few years ago.  While I take issue with a few things, I take the faith seriously and love its beautiful traditions.  I think I owe that to Father Brinkman, an educator who made Catechism so interesting to me.  As someone who married into the faith I was a bit skeptical and needed to fully understand the faith. While I continue to have questions, a lot of the mystery has been uncovered.

So I am watching the princes in Vatican City.  Inside the walls made beautiful by Michelangelo these cardinals will determine the direction of the church by the selection they make.  They will do this secretly. It is this secrecy that, while necessary in this case, led to the biggest scandal that the Catholic Church has ever seen.   The new Pope must be able to get his church in order. They must make a statement with this decision.

This is why I’m praying that the new pontiff is the people’s pope like John Paul, knows the history like Benedict, and has the ability to manage the church like no one before him.  He must step into the 21st century while holding on to the traditional beliefs of Catholicism.  Offenders must be stopped and made to suffer the consequences of their actions and victims must be protected, as should the church.  The only way to do this is to stop the secrecy in this regard.  Return our faith to being revered and respected.

I implore them not to choose according to geography.  I couldn’t care less if he is from a third world country, Europe, or the US.  He needs only to love the people, know the word, and be prepared to reform the church.

Vote on, Cardinals! Vote on…May God be with you!

Announcing The Musings of NikkiJo Jean Crazy Blog Contest

First off let me start with a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who commented on Jean Crazy: Top Ten Jean Brands!


I hope the post provided useful information for you guys! Remember, if you are not already subscribed to The Musings of Nikki Jo; sign up now to be alerted to all posts and upcoming contests. And now…

Congratulations to the winner of The Musings of Nikki Jo

Jean Crazy Contest –

Amanda Jankowski Skibniewski!


Amanda will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card to use anyway she sees fit…but of course I’m hoping she picks up a hot pair of jeans and posts pics of her rocking them!!!

Jean Crazy: Top 10 Designer Jean Brands

Many of us would gladly trade our prized beauty favorites for the perfect pair of jeans.  Some of us wouldn’t dream of buying those trendy designer bags (okay, I’m talking about me right now – I cop bags from my Mommy – spoiled brat I am, that’s right) but will hand over upwards of $400 for a that denim!  It’s all about fit (form-fitting), wash, and comfort….and usually in that order.  There’s something about hopping up and down, getting that zipper to do its job, and seeing yourself svelte, polished, and HOT! If you’re like me, you buy the jeans that you barely got into because you fear they will loosen with the first wear.  Secretly I hold on to those favorites that are too big now because I’m devoted to them.  I simply throw them into a hot wash, the dryer, and start all over again.  Don’t judge me!

My jeans have replaced my sweats for comfort wear and there are others that have become “the thing to wear” for a night out on the town.  I love coupling skinny jeans, my Texan jersey, and rocking red stilettos.  Jeans are priced from $20 to …well the sky’s the limit on what some will pay for the right pair of denims.  So let’s take a look at Nikki Jo’s “10 Best Jeans”.  Feel free to share the brands you love if I’ve forgotten any great ones.  We could all use something new in our lives!

BKE by Buckle Jeans

I’m starting here because this brand made the first jeans that I fell in love with.  For some reason I cannot let go of my BKE’s.  Whether you’re rail thin or curvy (like me) – BKE has the jean for you! Petite’s and those with legs for days – you will all find the inseam perfect for you.  They offer stretch and without.

The brand has the most precious washes and markings and coming with a great variety of stitching and studding.   Best of all – I’ve washed my babies over and over again and they’ve held up.

My Current Fav: Stella Stretch Jean – it has a nice vintage appeal and rich color.

Fits: Waists 21”-31” (00-16); Inseams 29-33

Retail: You can get a good pair of BKE’s for less than $70, although my Stella’s retail for $90.

Lucky Brand Jeans

The feel of the denim is what sold me on these babies – they’re durable and keep their shape.  The brand offers an upscale worn bohemian look with the cutest frayed hems.  There is a baby bootleg in the Charlie style (slim fit) that I’m warming up to. The Lola is a slim curvy and the easy fit in the brand is the Sweet.  Sometimes you just need a boot cut that isn’t out of control.   The black wash in their brand is also long lasting! They make my bum look amazing!

My Current Fav: Sofia Boot Jeans – I need and love the curvy fit.

Fits: Waists 24”-33” (00-16); Inseams 29-36

Retail: On Sale as low as $40 and the top end is around $130

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Once Bitten, Forever Shy…Why I’ll Never Buy Anything I See on Today Show’s Jill’s Deals & Steals

The Today Show is looked to as a pretty reliable forum for entertainment and news.  They also have a segment called Jill’s Steals and Deals.  Well, in November they promoted these gorgeous dog collars and leashes designed by Nikki and Lulu.  Of course I love my kiddos (of the four-legged variety) and placed an order at on November 7, 2011.  I excitedly called my bestie about getting one for her little boxer and then placed an additional order for her.

On November 14th I received this e-mail:

Dear “Stylish Pup”,

“Thank you for placing your order with We are working hard to get your collars shipped out as soon as possible. We will send your Mom/Dad a confirmation E-mail as soon as it ships along with your tracking number.   If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Mom Jan Andrieu at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or E-Mail

Pawsitively Yours”

And then…..NOTHING!   I sent several e-mails to the business at the e-mail address provided and called the phone number above and one other one I found on a helpful blog.  Usually the phone just rang off the hook.  On a few occasions I got an answer and was told that they were sorry and would get that out to me.  They also asked that I send them an e-mail with the order numbers.  I complied with their request three times in December! NOTHING!

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A Twist on Vision Boarding

Crafti Angi has taken the vision board idea and put a twist on that sucker!Her vision board is actually a Vision Tray. She says, “I’ve been seeing Vision Boards pop up everywhere. Oprah even talked about it on her Life Skills class. Instead of doing the traditional New Year’s Resolutions this year, I though I’d make myself a Vision Tray instead.”

Head over to her blog and check out the great sections she’s included. It will get your creative juices flowing!

In the New Year

Take one last look back on your life…go ahead, because this is the last time you should look back on these yesterdays.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.  That day & the ones that follow are the only days to focus on.

Past mistakes, missed opportunities, & things you should have said or done are gone.

No big loss, right?

In front of you are only new opportunities, new friends, new relationships, and new adventures.  Time to take chances and follow your dreams.

No matter your age or current position in life, there are so many things available to you if you remember that all is anew, that all you desire – you deserve.

Find your way in this life, the only life you’ll ever have.  Enjoy your family and friends.  Treasure every breath that is given to you.  Accept the blessings that will come your way.  Take all the chances given to you to bless others.

In this new year remember that each day is the one that counts. Remember that you are not just preparing for some future life – this is your life.

Live it and those dreams you are holding for the future TODAY!

– Nicole Leigh Sonnier ©2003